I decided yesterday to give editing a break and write something new. A while back I began a novel about an eight sided castle, but it didn't go anywhere because, well, at the time, I wasn't sure about it. But as I started re-writing I thought, stop, write an outline so you have clear motivation and conflict and all that stuff novels are supposed to have.
I was writing it this morning and all I could think of was a conversation I had with my grandaughter over the phone that went something like: And then we went to this biiiig house, and then we builded a lego castle, and then we went to nanas and I builded another castle! And then.... so on and so forth, and I ended up tittering away to myself. A only likes princesses and 'pink'. Anything pink. No disney princesses and, booooring!
I also remember her in Chapters. I sat her down on a bench while I searched the fantasy and sci fi section. I said, you may pick up books but be careful of them. Oh, she was - she's only four. I watched her pick up a book and hold it carefully like I'd asked, then she flipped the pages and in a loud voice began - blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, until the pages finished flipping, then she said brightly - The End! Of course, there were no pictures, especially not of princesses.

I did finish the outline and a whole load of questions that must be asked and answered, but I did it with a smile and felt like Bart Simpson in front of his chalk board - must not write blah, must not write blah...



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