Isn't that a brilliant picture? Come on, it's the sea! In actual fact it is missing a vital component - a humpback whale. Which is the shot I was aiming for in brilliant sunshine and not being able to see what the heck I was shooting. So I missed. Which resulted in a lovely picture of...sea.
So my finger hovered over the delete button as 'boring picture' and then I thought, hold on. Do you see the patterns there? Do you see the colors and shades and... Without blowing it up and truly looking at it, it is a pretty boring picture, but there is something about a relatively somnolent ocean which is immensely calming.
This is when I, as an author, start going - what-if? Because I don't just see 'the sea' I start wondering, what lies beneath it?
That curiosity is what drives me. And the point of this post. I postulated, what if the world fought back? Thus 'The Warriors of the Land" was born. When you read the news and see all the 'natural' disasters going on. The tsunamis, the earthquakes, the droughts etc etc, you wonder, is this Earth's way of 'naturally' reducing the population which is out-growing the world? What-if the world decided to create its own warriors? What if a world was simply the memories of all those who had lived? Not a god, but the thoughts of many.
Fast-forward to the future where man has explored the stars; has learned how to seed (terraform) a world. Watch that world run amok and create.
This is "Voice of the Land". Science fiction/imagination/speculation.



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