From "Vicadia" an upcoming fantasy novel.

“Magic is the nature of all that is around us. It is a summer morning when the
mist rises and the sun burns away the dew. It is winter when the snow falls in
silent flakes and enshrouds the ground until spring. It is the love between man
and woman and the laughter of a child. It is the butterfly emerging from a
cocoon or the rainbow caught in a waterfall's spray.”

"Sarain sighed. “Evil is the man who would condemn the use of magic and yet
use it for his own ends. Evil is someone who would drown ten thousand souls and
yet suffer one man to live. Evil is not a child who uses the wishes of her heart to
help someone else. --I am weary. I would sleep,” he said, and curled up in his

Today's picture by Richard Curnow. Helmand Province Afghanistan 2010



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