Had a wonderful afternoon yesterday during the Facebook launch of "The Voice of the Land". How can an author not enjoy talking about her own work? I think I may have handed out too much Malbec though, we did go off topic a few times. :)

But, yes, questions about why a clone? The main protagonist of the story is Steven Carogan. So why did I choose to make him a clone? The answer is quite simple. I wanted a blank slate, although of course he wasn't. He had been indoctrinated since birth to obey his makers. Which left him innocent as to real life and somewhat bitter about what he was. The story opens with him contemplating a fellow clone's suicide and this is the catalyst for change. He sees himself, not least because Jon harvey is an exacty copy of him, but he'd never thought about death. Never truly questioned how he was used.
On the world of Cavan, it seems like the natives want to use him, too, but the difference here is that he is given a choice. Which way he turns and why is his story within "The Voice of the Land".
 Today's photo - eleven year old Makoiyi, my hearthound.



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