I've never fully been able to answer the question: Why do you want to be
published? Not to my own satisfaction anyway. Not when it is such a  heartbreaking industry in general. I am guessing it is simply the need to share what I write. If it were merely an ego boost, to have folk say, boy, she's good,  I would be shouting from the treetops about how wonderful I am and that if you  don't read my next book well, you really aren't on my radar.

The thing is, it is the content which matters, not necessarily the person who
wrote it. And yes, it does have to be good. It has to capture the imagination on
several visceral levels. It has to be well-written enough that a reader doesn't
stop to think about the writing so much as 'fall' into the story. It has to have
characters you can't live without or characters you want to kill. It has to have
a voice you recognize, a world you can live in for a short time, and sometimes
an escape from reality in whatever genre you choose.

If you ask readers why they read, including myself, most times they will say
it is to escape 'real life'. It's just a quieter method than TV or movies or
computer games.

The best books are those where inside your mind you are there. Totally and
utterly wrapped within so that your mind sees the characters instantly and knows where they are. Where you cry when they are hurt and laugh when they find joy and yell out loud at the 'enemy'.

I've found that in many books, and if I were to answer that question above, I
hope you can find it in mine. Because it was all those books I've read
that made me want to write and share, so that you might, for just a brief time,
fall into another world, another place, other minds.

Live. Laugh. Love.

Today's photo - somewhere in the Rockies - Susan Curnow



02/27/2013 11:34am

Beautiful sentiment, girl! I feel the same way :-)

02/27/2013 3:25pm

Thanks! It is just one of those questions that there isn't really a definitive answer to. Lots of small answers, I guess, but not one whopping great answer I could say.


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