She looks like she should be dancing.

I said in a previous post what inspired me to write "The Warriors of the Land", but it was also pictures of bat skeletons. They vary a lot but really, underneath that furry exterior, they aren't so different from us. If their evolutionary path wandered away from ours, it still remains pretty close. Their wings for example are merely the extension of hands. They've been around since the dinosaurs and you can successfully combine their blood with ours. At least, it has been done for medical research. Another question I asked when researching was, can they walk upright? Well, yes, some of them can, kind of. Mr. Desmodus, our wonderful vampire bat, does so when feeding, the delightful creature. He's about the ugliest thing you've ever seen, too. There are some cute ones, though. Take the Indonesian fruit bat with his six foot wingspan and his bright eyes, and mop of fuzzy red hair, and the teeny tiny little pipistrelle, which weighs less than a ten cent piece. A bat for every location and situation. Neither are they 'blind' as myth suggests. They are very clever with their echo-location however.

So, since science fiction is very often about the 'what-if' factor I took the premise of, what if you combined the two, and, why would you want to? Which produced about twenty four thousand words on why I thought someone should. *G*

Yes, all right, I have a  weird imagination, but a couple of things (subjects) tickled me here. How close bats were on the evolutionary scale to humans, and genetic manipulation. Such a touchy subject that one. Fiddling about with genes; creating the 'perfect' human, or mix and matching to create some kind of hybrid. What is scientifically possible and impossible.

Throw in some 'rights'. I mean, who does have the right to own a world? Humans are very arrogant, and they don't change, well, not an awful lot. That could be because we are the most efficient killers out there, or one of them. We are at the top of the chain and to stay there we don't always do nice things.

No such thing as 'can't' in my book. But if you want to find out why someone decided to play with genes, you will just have to read "Warriors". In "The Voice of the Land" I take a physically perfect clone and throw him to the wolv...er bats. Indoctrinated from birth to obey his makers, he must make a decision. And that decision might alter the whole human race.

Today's photo comes from the Natural History Collection.



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